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Success University

Success University: "Famous 29 Year-Old Internet Millionaire 'Kid' Says:
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Success University

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Success University Compensation Overview

Success University Compensation Overview: "1. Weekly Fast-Start Bonuses - Unlimited Earning Potential!
For each premium student you personally enroll, you'll earn a weekly Fast-Start check ranging from $20 up to $40 depending on your rank. Click Here to read details on rank advancement

As you advance in rank, you'll also earn infinity bonuses of up to $20 for the new enrollments that occur throughout your organization. You'll be paid the difference between the rank you are at and the next rank below you - Infinite Levels Deep!

2. Weekly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses - Up To $10,000 Per Week!
When you enroll, you will be assigned a tracking center which will track all sales in your organization infinite levels deep. This tracking center will have two Teams, a Left Team and a Right Team.

Click Here To Enroll

To qualify to earn weekly commissions, you will need to enroll one student on your Left Team and one student on your Right Team. (2 total students.)
You will then earn a commission check (paid weekly) of *up to $40 each time your organization creates 6 total premium students anywhere in your organization with at least a 1/3 : 2/3 balance. See these examples:

Sales counted in your Teams can be placed by any of your Team Members, including those ABOVE you, this is called spillover. All sales count equally, globally, to unlimited depth!
In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: 4 sales on one team but 0 on the other) as long as you are active, (paying your $49.95 tuition) those sales will carry over to be used in the following weeks - No Flushing!

Rules and Qualifications:
In order to earn weekly (Dual Team) commissions you must maintain your $49.95 monthly tuition as well as maintain one personally enrolled active student on each of your two Teams.
Volume begins to accumulate as soon as you personally enroll 1 student on each of your two sales teams. (A 30 day grace period is given.)

You'll also need to maintain at least 1 personally enrolled active student each month to be eligible for commissions. If you enroll more than 1 student in a given month, those sales will carry over to the following months as long as each student remains active. (Example: If you enroll 4 students in one month, you will be qualified for 4 months.) When you have personally enrolled 6 students who remain active, you will be qualified for life.

*When and if Success University's total payout of commissions exceeds 60% of the volume for any given pay period, the company adjusts the bonuses to have a maximum of 60% payout. Based on this rule, the past 2 month average cycle pay has been approximately $36.50 per cycle.

Click Here To Enroll

3. Monthly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses - Up To $40,000 Per Month!
As a qualified premium student you'll receive *up to $40 (Paid Monthly) per every 6 monthly tuitions throughout your organization with at least a 1/3 : 2/3 balance. Note: Each students first month payment ($149.95) is paid out in the weekly commission plan.

This compensation plan allows a higher percentage payout than any other compensation plan available today. Take a look at this example of your monthly income potential as your team grows...

Rules and Qualifications: Same as the weekly dual team plan.

Success University Achievement Courses

Success University Achievement Courses: "Success University's 28 Day Monthly Achievement Programs are the premier personal development courses available on the Internet today.

In this fast-paced society, distance learning has become a reality and is being used by more and more people around the world. Unfortunately, most programs require you to spend hour upon hour at one sitting just to complete a course. With this cutting edge program, you'll master a new topic of success each month by receiving a short 10 - 15 minute lesson each day, Monday through Friday, over the course of one month. (28 days)
Not only will you be amazed at the valuable and life-changing content in these lessons, you'll enjoy the fact that they are also entertaining and fun to go through each day. And instead of simply being fed the information, you'll be given daily action items showing you how to put this new knowledge to use in your daily life. You'll find yourself eagerly awaiting each day's lesson!
Here are just the first few courses you'll enjoy taking when you enroll as a student of Success University... Click Here To Enroll
21 Secrets to Becoming a Sales Superstar - based on the works of Brian Tracy
What is it about those people who can “sell anything?” What are their secrets? Can a person actually LEARN to be a superstar and make the money that goes with the job? YES! says Sales Training guru, Brian Tracy. “The Law of Cause and Effect is the iron law of human destiny. It says that anything that anyone else has done, you can do as well. All you have to do is find out what he or she did and then do the same over and over yourself until you master it.”
In this course, we’ll find out from Brian Tracy just what sales superstars do and what you can do to join the TOP 10%! This is hands on – it’s the autobahn to making it happen in sales. Maybe, just maybe, this is the course you’ll always look back on as your launching pad!
Your Goal Mind - based on the works of Denis Waitley
Would you like to know how your brain works as a tool to help you get what you want in life? Would you like to gain control over your future? Would you like to BELIEVE you CAN do it? YOUR GOAL MIND is the key.
This is a step by step system that will motivate you to fulfill your potential. You begin with your dreams, then learn “imagineering” to turn them into a blueprint for your success. This course puts the power of your own actions together with psychological cues that make all the difference.

Click Here To Enroll

Success University Success Plan

Success University Success Plan: "When you enroll, you'll receive 12 Pillars of Success, 52 weekly email trainings, a 500+ page downloadable workbook, 12 monthly conference calls (including Zig Ziglar, Loral Langemeier, Jim Rohn, etc.), and much much more...

This success plan, along with your Success University curriculum, is by far the most comprehensive success program ever created for your personal and business achievement.
You receive ALL of the following (a $1000+ value) when you enroll as a student in Success University.
Your First Year includes 12 Pillars of Success (one per month - see below) Geared to Help You Achieve a 10% - 40% Increase in the Following:
Month 1:
Personal Development - Become the person you truly desire to be by engaging in a life-long strategy of skills, knowledge, and self-improvement.

Month 2:
Goal-Setting - Achieve a sense of purpose behind every action as well as multiply your long-term success quotient by having a set of clearly defined 10-year goals.

Month 3:
Health - Spiritual/Physical/Emotional - improve your looks, confidence, energy, quality and length of life by having a consistent health/fitness philosophy and maintaining a health plan.

Month 4:
Money - Financial Independence/Getting Out of Debt, Saving, Giving - Place yourself ahead of 85% of the population and increase by 90% your odds of achieving financial independence by retirement age simply by having a sound financial philosophy and proven investment plan.

Month 5:
Relationships - Improve your ability to be a more effective and loving parent, spouse, and friend by improving your relationship skills.

Month 6:
Time Management - Gain between 10 and 15 additional forty-hour work weeks per year by applying more productive time management methods each day.

Month 7:
Networking/Referrals - Tap into one of the greatest resources you possess as well as gain a greater, more positive influence in the marketplace by utilizing your current relationships and networking base.

Month 8:
Selling/Negotiating - Increase your production by 10% - 15% without investing more time or effort by improving your selling, networking, and negotiating skills.

Month 9:
Communication/Presentation - Increase every level of performance related to your company, staff, and individual performance, as well as all your personal relationships by mastering the art of communication.

Month 10:
Leadership - Multiply your efforts and have a positive influence over a larger sphere of people by learning effective leadership and management skills.

Month 11:
Accelerated Learning - Quickly improve your skills and aptitude to gain and retain knowledge in any area (communication, time management, leadership, etc.) through Memory and Speed-Reading techniques and more.

Month 12:
Legacy/Contribution - Take the time to apply your skills in making a difference in your community and world - something that will have an impact on future generations.
52 Unique, Weekly Strategic Game Plans via Email that:

Focus on mastering each month's Pillar of Success.
Provide action strategies and exercises.
Contain weekly downloadable workbook files.
Provide follow-up Q & A.
12 Conference Calls

One per month with a specific focus and hosted by a Premier Expert in each of the 12 Pillars of Success including Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Patricia Fripp, Bob Burg, Chris Widener and more...
Additional Downloadable Books, Audios, Conference Calls and Weekly Workbook Files
Plus the following bonus programs for people who enroll THIS WEEK:
A comprehensive, 129-page downloadable workbook "Goals 2003 - Creating a Life On Purpose," written by author Tina Miller.
A Downloadable special report "Converting New Year's Resolutions Into Reality" by Jeff Davidson, the widely acclaimed author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reaching Your Goals."
A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Jim Rohn's famous "Goals Workshop" recorded before a live audience, which offers a simple model for identifying your goals.
A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Bob Proctor knows "Goals" --- he went from a $6,000 a year income as a fireman to a millionaire in just a few years --- and he will help you understand the infinite potential you possess.
Gain Perspective, Encouragement and Motivation versus falling prey to the numerous pitfalls and down times so many people are faced with on a daily basis by having the consistent influence of top performers, role models, coaches and mentors in your life.
Help in taking the new skills you are gaining/mastering to go one step further by helping your staff, spouse and family achieve these same results.
Total Retail Value = $1,101
As a student of Success University, this entire success program is included as part of your monthly tuition!
You'll have access to the entire 12 pillars of success, the weekly email communication and action strategies, and all of the downloadable workbooks and audios that will lay a foundation for greater accomplishment in each area of your life helping you reach your goals and multiply your income! Not only that - you'll automatically be rolled into the second year at no additional charge!
Here are just a few, out of over 200, completely unsolicited testimonials...
This program is the best money I have ever spent and it is so much more than I thought it would be. God bless you," -Tsahai Ellington
"I wanted to take a moment to compliment you and your team for putting together a great program. I have seen some dramatic improvements already. Pillar Two has been very exciting. The text in the workbook identified exactly the anxiety and the elation I felt as I worked through these exercises. I still feel like I am not dreaming big enough. Best Regards," -Kevin P. Ryan, CDIA
"I am on the 52 Week Plan and it has been by far the best thing I have ever done. I started in November, and I am more focused than I have ever been." -John Clark
"Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the e-mails every week. The program is excellent!" -David Reemeyer
"I am enjoying this program very much. I am growing by the minute. Thank you very much." -Lavonne Pineda
"The Success Plan is an incredible, incredible tool, I LOVE it.... thanks." -Phyllis Borin
"I am really enjoying the program. It is a great concept compared to an intense one-week event. It has opened my eyes to the fact that Jim Rohn is the "father" of the personal development industry and it is amazing how much he has influenced people like Tony Robbins. After attending 4 of Tony's events this year, I can now see the effect of Jim's influence on Tony's presentations." -Frank Prez
"I am really enjoying the program and benefits from these outstanding sessions. Thank you." -Debbie Zachry
"Hi! I am really enjoying the investment I have made in myself with this course. I think you all are great and customer service is always excellent." -Dawn Furbank
"Great to be ON the plan!!! I have completed the first three weeks of the downloaded workbook and look forward to the rest." -Nigel Wickenden


Friday, April 27, 2007

Streaming Audio and Video

Streaming Audio and Video: "Success University has spent the last 18 months and several hundred thousand dollars to develop the most life-enhancing curriculum of streaming audio and video courses available anywhere!
Previous to the launch of Success University, you would have been required to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for this same education. And not only that, you would have had to spend years and years of your life simply trying to find it!
Now, for only $49.95 a month, you have access to the complete Success University vault of education!
You'll enjoy learning from some of the greatest speakers and trainers in history, many of which have been inducted into the Hall of Fame in the National Speakers Association"

Vision Becomes Reality by Jim Britt - Jim Britt shares how to be more mindful of your inner visions and how they affect the results you produce in the outer world.

The Challenge of Excellence by Art Holst - Learn to handle dealing with change, problem solving, teamwork, discipline and how to laugh at yourself.

Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale - Learn to develop the positive attitude that allows you to control how others feel about you.

The Magic of Colors by Jerry Clark - Learn to relate to more people and influence those around you. Gain charisma and a higher impact.

The Power to Create by Jerry Clark - In this course, Jerry takes you into the principles of the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Increasing Your Memory by Ron White - Hear 65 words once and be able to repeat them back. Sound impossible? It's not! Improve grades, job performance and income.

Charisma by Tony Alessandra - Teaches the 7 Keys to Developing the Magnetism that Leads to Success

The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra - Learn Powerful people skills for building long term relationships

How to Have a Winning Year by Ron White - Ron White teaches his techniques for having a successful year.

Brian Klemmer Live Presentation by Brian Klemmer - People only act according to their fundamental belief systems. They do not necessarily do what they are told. Nor do they do what they know is good for them. They act according to their beliefs.

Relationship Illusions by Dr. John F. Demartini - Indroduces you to principles and practicals for building and maintaining fulfilling relationship in your life.

Spirit of Abundance by Suzie Humphreys - When she leaves the stage there remains the unmistakable warmth of having been touched, and the unshakable affirmation that whether ordinary of extraordinary, through good times or bad, caught in mid-frailty or new accomplishment "Life really is the greatest thing ever!"

The Spiritual Millionaire by Keith Cameron Smith - Follow the deepest (and sometimes forgotten) desires of your heart. Train your mind to create habitual and effortless success. Use visualization to exponentially accelerate your success

Parenting Leading Loving and Living by Brian Biro - The people we affect as coaches include our children, our teammates and employees in our work, our friends, and the person we see in the mirror each day. Throughout this audio you will find incredible parenting advice as well as fresh, positive ideas about coaching in every area of life

Magnetic Creative Visualization by Michele Blood - Here Michele uses her MusiVation technique combined with creative visualization. This is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate the mind to new thoughts of wealth and prosperity.

Bring Balance to Life - Bring Balance To Life will teach you “What’s missing and what is truly important in your life; Building and Managing Your Wealth; Fear, Guilt and Purpose; Linking Personal Purpose to Corporate Purpose; Values in Personal Relationships and Longevity. Dr. D. magically weaves stories and personal experiences into the presentation to make universal laws literally come to life on the stage."

Traning Faculty Call for 7/6/05 - Traning Faculty Call for 7/6/05

Unstoppable Live - What is the secret to being unstoppable? Cynthia Kersey knows. In fact, she has spent years researching and interviewing hundreds of Americas greatest achievers. Now she reveals their secrets and unstoppable traits to you - and tells you how to replicate them in your own life. In Cynthia Kerseys, "Unstoppable Live," you will learn powerful concepts you can use to not only identify your hearts true desire - but to achieve it. You will also meet others who have traveled this road and can show you the way.

Mental Toughness Secrets - After 20 years of interviewing, coaching and competing against world-class performers Steve Siebol has broken down their secrets into mini-modules that are easy to read and simple to understand. The course identifies and explains the thought processes, habits, and philosophies of the world’s greatest performers…and gives you action steps so you can implement these secrets immediately and get what you want.

The Quantum Collapse Process - Personifying the Quantum Theory: An Introduction to The Quantum Collapse Process This inspiring live program shows Dr. Demartini explaining the history and developmental details of his powerful and innovative life transforming methodology - The Quantum Collapse Process - before scientific researchers, clinicians and general attendees at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Albuquerque, NM. The introduction includes segments presented by Rupert Sheldrake, Peter Russell and John Demartini. It is exceptional!

Understanding Fear - The #1 enemy of the human life is fear. There is nothing more damaging to the human spirit than allowing negative fear to take control of your life. This lesson will examine why we give negative fear control, explain the 6 negative fears that hold people hostage, the three negative emotions fear uses to keep you confused and fearful, and will expose you to the process for freeing yourself from the control negative fear can have over your life.

Creating a Powerful Appearance - Would you like to be able to create the most dynamic and powerful appearance possible? Learn what you are doing right and what it is time to change. Discover how to be more confident, have more energy and instill more respect from clients and co-workers. This is a cutting edge course in what to wear and how to achieve the results you want in your business setting.

Conquer Fear, Purpose, Live Out Loud, Developing a Rock Solid Attitude by Barry Donalson, Is Your Diet a Riot by Wayne Pickering, Maximize Your Metabolism, 17 Ways To Look and Feel Younger in 30 Days, Release Your Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey, Water: Never Drink the Crap From the Tap by Dr. Wayne Pickering, Secrets to Effective Goal Setting by Albert Mensah , Scientific Muscle Sculpting Techniques by Christopher Guerriero, Making Your Dreams Come True by Marcia Wieder , Los 9 Pasos para Diseñar y Crear el Éxito by Leo Alcalá , Manifestando La Grandeza , Reading Genius , How to Set and Achieve Goals, Who Are the Champions? The Life Formula, Integrity Driven Leadership by Randy Pennington , All Leadership Begins With Self-Leadership, Dare to Lead by Byrd Baggett,True Leaders ,Leading Under Pressure,Developing Leaders From Within by Barry Donalson , How to Double Your Sales This Year by Joe Nunziata, Relationship Selling in a New Era by Jim Cathcart,How to Train Sales People, Great Sales People Sell by Bill Brooks , Sell Against Lower Priced Competition , 7 Highly Guarded Secrets to Close Every Sale, Mega Book Marketing, Negotiate Million Dollar Deals by Roger Dawson ,What Makes Great Salespeople Great,Business Negotiatiing by Roger Dawson ,Guerrilla Publicity,The Art of Effective Communication Nido R Qubein, To name not even half!

Success University Program Overview

Success University Program Overview: "The curriculum you'll enjoy as a student of Success University has been designed with one thing in mind - to teach you the right kind of knowledge that will raise the level of success in every area of your life.
As the first and only Success University, we firmly believe that knowledge alone won't make you wealthy... We go to school for 12 to 20 years of our lives but are simply never taught the right kind of knowledge to be successful in life. In today's world, you need to THINK in a different way to achieve real success.
We have assembled over 50 of the most amazing minds on the planet who collectively have helped millions of people achieve astounding levels of success. Success University now brings you the most advanced online courses on SUCCESS ever assembled. You will soon discover the secret attitudes, techniques, methods, and strategies that, when you learn, will skyrocket your success in virtually every area of your life!
Learn from the greatest minds in the field of personal achievement . . ."

Brian Tracy Brian is one of America's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He addresses more than 400,000 men and women each year and is the author of countless best-selling audio-cassette programs including The Psychology of Selling.

Les Brown As a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality, Les has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness.

Jay Abraham For the last 25 years, Jay has helped over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide. Referred to as the most famous marketing consultant of all time, Jay has produced billion of dollars in sales for his clients.

Jeffery Combs Jeffery is an internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and author in the Network Marketing & Direct Selling industry. He is the author of the book and audio series More Heart Than Talent and has inspired millions with his story of creating a seven figure income through direct selling.

Cynthia Kersey Cynthia is the author of the worldwide best-selling book Unstoppable and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Robert Allen Robert is the author of two of the largest selling financial books in history read by millions of people in the past 20 years. His two current best sellers are "Multiple Streams of Income" and "The One Minute Millionaire."

Doug Firebaugh For almost a decade, Doug Firebaugh has inspired millions worldwide to reach for and become more than they ever thought possible. Doug is one of the most sought after Network Marketing trainers/speakers/authors in the world. With over 20 years of industry experience, Doug brings a passion to people with some of the most unique, fresh and powerful trainings in the industry.

Lisa Jimenez Lisa has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want.

Dr. Tony Alessandra For over 30 years, Tony has been a leading authority on bottom-line marketing tactics and has authored 14 books. He has also been recognized as one of America's most electrifying speakers by his induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

. . . And Many, Many More! Click Here for full listing